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Open-source Technologies


All developers are able to access and tap on the wide range of open-source technologies by Government agencies. This includes a variety of products from a plethora of areas like digital identity, design and User Identity (UI), and infrastructure-as-code. You can also look at the open-source technologies that Singapore has used in its fight against COVID-19 such as TraceTogether and VigilantGantry.

We have also open-sourced some of the digital tools that we are using in our fight against COVID-19.


TraceTogether is a mobile application developed to support existing nationwide efforts to combat COVID-19 by enabling community-driven contact tracing using Bluetooth technology. TraceTogether is built on the BlueTrace protocol; more information can be found here.


VigilantGantry is an AI-driven automated temperature screening gantry that augments existing thermal systems to enhance the rate of contactless scanning. Find out more here.

Our open-source technologies and tools

Design and UI

  • Singapore Government Design System, a UI component library to help web development teams build quickly with confidence.
  • Purple A11y is a customisable, automated accessibility testing tool that allows software development teams to assess whether their products are user-friendly to persons with disabilities (PWDs).


Form builder and manager used by the Singapore government and public healthcare institutions to securely collect data from residents and businesses.

Form has been used for various data collection especially during COVID-19 to minimise human contact and possible transmissions. Some of them include:

  • Collecting travel and health declarations by visitors to the country.
  • Swab tests applications.
  • COVID-19 financial assistance applications and distributions.
  • Daily temperature declarations by citizens.
  • Mandatory primary school registration for seven year olds nationwide.

Using Form grants legitimacy to government agencies collecting sensitive data, making it difficult for malicious actors to steal citizens' data. It also provides rich features that especially support public sector needs - such as table-input fields, one time password (OTP) verification, contact details, email domain restrictions, logic to disable submissions and date validations.

Form is open sourced on GitHub at


Go is a Government link shortener granting legitimacy to content shared by public officers. has been used for shortening links to various platforms.

  • is an application form of the official WhatsApp broadcast of the Singapore government.

  • is an application of passport for Singaporean citizens.

  • Besides that, Go is also used in training materials for COVID-19 healthcare volunteers, press releases about COVID-19, articles and documents.

It saves government agencies time when it comes to shortening a domain name. It also lets citizens know that they are accessing information from a legitimate government source by ensuring consistency in domain names generated.

Go is open sourced at


Infrastructure-as-code technologies allow development teams to define their application infrastructure through declarative configuration files. This allows teams to deploy their infrastructure more quickly and consistently.


OpenAttestation is the base framework behind OpenCerts, HealthCerts and TradeTrust.

  • OpenCerts is a platform using blockchain to provide an easy and reliable way to issue and validate tamper-resistant certificates.
  • HealthCerts comprises a set of digital standards and schema to be used by clinics and labs during the issuance of digital COVID-19 test results/vaccination certificates.
  • TradeTrust is a digital utility that comprises a set of globally-accepted standards and frameworks that connects governments and businesses to a public blockchain to enable trusted interoperability and exchanges of electronic trade documents across digital platforms.

The entire framework and its products have been open-sourced, available for both the public and private companies to review, implement and integrate to their systems. The respective source codes are located at:

Verify is the official verification tool for OpenAttestation-compatible documents that are issued by the Government.


Postman is a mass communication tool used by Singapore public agencies that was launched in May 2020. Postman has been supporting COVID-19 related communication campaigns to help our public officers reach citizens during the pandemic has been used to:

  • Send negative COVID-19 swab results to patients.
  • Enable the Ministry of Health's Healthcare Corps in managing COVID-19 volunteers.
  • Remind citizens on quarantine notice to reply and comply to geolocation checks.
  • Help teachers to communicate with students at home for home-based learning.
  • Notify citizens of changes in government agency appointments.

Postman is an omnichannel platform and helps to send messages en masse easily. It also keeps track of your campaign's progress and analytics.

Postman is open sourced at

Last updated 29 April 2024

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