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OurSG Grants (OSG) is a one-stop, integrated portal that consolidates government grants for the arts, community, heritage, social good, sports, and youth into a single platform.

By consolidating and digitalising grant applications and administration, the portal allows government agencies to expedite grant processing and disbursement and enhance the experience.

OSG currently hosts over 34 grants from 13 government agencies. In the future, more grants will be onboarded to continue to establish OSG as a Whole-of-Government (WOG) platform for community and social grants.

Government agencies such as the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth have commented that the “OSG portal has allowed us to fully digitise our process, making grant monitoring and record-keeping more efficient and effective.”

Partner Agencies

Agencies that developed OSG

OurSG was developed by Government Digital Services (GDS), GovTech, in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and 12 other government agencies.

Key Features

  • Its status as a one-stop hub for all community and social grants
  • End-to-end digitalisation of the grant process for government officers and users
  • Its ability to help government agencies provide standardised grant application forms for citizens’ convenience
  • Data aggregation and analysis tools for government officers
  • Inter-agency routing of applications to other relevant grants without the need for refilling of forms
  • Data security, fraud, and grant governance for government officers
  • Quicker publishing of grants with Grant Admin Module (GAM)


OSG is free for onboarding in FY22. From FY23 onwards, there will be a fee to onboard the platform. (We will provide the price schedule when it is available in FY23)

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Reach out to the product team with your queries or feedback through this form.

Last updated 02 July 2022

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