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Pair contains a suite of tools (e.g. Pair Chat) that allows public officers to increase their work productivity through AI, specifically LLMs. LLMs are a specialised branch of AI that refers to technology platforms that have been trained with large sets of data such that it is able to interpret, manipulate, and comprehend human language. For public officers, Pair provides an avenue to utilise LLMs safely on their government issued laptops as inputting of confidential government data into commercial LLMs is restricted. Pair has also been approved by the AI Policy Group in the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG). Pair Chat, which is the first app to be developed from the Pair suite can be thought of as a free, fast, and secure version of ChatGPT for public officers. Similar to ChatGPT, it functions on a question-and-answer format and allows public officers to receive answers to various prompts. A visualisation of this can be found below. In the future, more apps will be incorporated in the Pair suite.

Fig 1: Interface of Pair Chat showcasing its AI-powered question-and-answer format
Fig 1: Interface of Pair Chat showcasing its AI-powered question-and-answer

How It Works

Pair Chat is trained through large data sets to be able to interpret, manipulate, and comprehend questions, known as prompts, and provide responses. The art of crafting a well-designed prompt to illicit the best responses from Pair Chat is known as prompt design and relies on specificity, context, and iteration. This means that prompts should be detailed, contain background information, and the responses received may require further prompting in order to best answer your question.

Although Pair Chat can provide helpful responses to your prompts, it must be noted that this platform has no access to the internet or real-time data and may provide responses that varies in accuracy.

Key Benefits

Harness the power of large language models: With Pair, public officers using non-S GSIBs and GOMAX iPads can leverage the capabilities of large language models to enhance their work. Pair’s base capabilities include ideation, writing assistance, text and natural language processing, coding, and data analysis, making it a versatile tool for various common tasks that public officers undertake.

Enhanced security: Pair prioritises data security by not logging any data overseas. This ensures that officers can use Pair with confidence, knowing that their data is secure. Additionally, Pair stores data on the client-side, inheriting the security of government devices.

Approved for Restricted/Sensitive Normal documents: Pair has been cleared by Singapore’s Smart Nation Digital Government Office (SNDGO) for use with up to Restricted/Sensitive Normal data. This means that officers can use Pair for a wider range of documents compared to other tools like ChatGPT, which can only be used with public data.

Bring your own data: Pair allows users to bring their own data, enabling officers to work with their own datasets and customize Pair’s capabilities to their specific needs. This feature enhances Pair’s versatility and usefulness in aiding the work of public officers.


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Last updated 22 November 2023

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