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Postman is an easy-to-use multichannel cloud-based platform that enables the Singapore Government to deliver essential information to citizens promptly.

Currently, customised messaging platforms are expensive and take time to spin up. DIY solutions may also be difficult to use.

With Postman, public officers can choose to reach out to citizens through different channels – SMS, Email, and Telegram - without having to manage multiple platforms.

Officers can send personalised mass messages in bulk through these channels. This contrasts with the traditional way of sending mass messages through a feature like the Outlook software’s Mail Merge, which is limited to 1000 emails per blast, often takes a long time to complete sending, and might cause Outlook to freeze.

All public sector agencies officers (with a email) can log in to Postman immediately using their work email accounts - no registration is required.

Postman’s government masthead on the email templates ensures that each email looks legitimate to the public. Recipients of a Postman message can thus be assured that it is delivered by an official source.

Enhancements to the open-source Postman will include making it easier for agencies to manage their existing campaigns on their dashboard. This includes campaign deletion, renaming, scheduling, attachments, and collaborators.

The Postman team is also exploring how to help agencies reach out to citizens more effectively through additional channels (such as WhatsApp) or verified contact sources and supporting two-way communications such as acknowledgements.

Key Features

  • Quick, simplified & affordable mass messaging
  • Multi-platform reach
  • Performance tracking through analytics
  • Ready API to integrate with agency systems

Use Cases

Over 78 million messages have been sent through email, SMS, and Telegram.

Postman has been supporting COVID-19 related communication campaigns to help our public officers reach citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has enabled government agencies to quickly scale their communication needs and distribute critical information, such as training and employment opportunities for those who were impacted by the economic downturn.

During the pandemic, Postman has been used to:

  • Send negative COVID-19 swab results to patients
  • Enable the Ministry of Health’s Healthcare Corps to manage COVID-19 volunteers
  • Remind citizens on quarantine notice to reply and comply with geolocation checks
  • Help teachers communicate with students at home for home-based learning
  • Notify citizens of changes in government agency appointments

Postman has supported the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in sending notices and policy changes to employers of businesses, migrant workers, and foreign domestic workers.


The FAQ can be found here.


Email and Telegram messaging services on Postman are free for use by all Government officers.

For SMSes, Postman does not charge any platform fees, but users will be charged by Postman’s SMS provider, Twilio Singapore. Pricing for Twilio Singapore can be found at this website:

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Last updated 09 May 2023

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