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SearchSG is an AI based search engine for government websites. It uses a particular branch of AI called machine learning to deliver precise and up-to-date search results quickly to citizens who are sourcing for information on government websites.

Through SearchSG, the common search issues that citizens face can be alleviated. This includes inaccurate search results, difficulties with identifying precise and relevant information on content heavy sites, or even an inability to get the results they want due to foreign government terminologies. These challenges correspond to data from the 2022 WOGAA Sentiments service which shows that 18.2% of users are not satisfied with their search results from government websites. Ultimately translating to 14,000 negative Sentiments feedback on issues relating to information discoverability and findability, and almost 80% of surveyed users indicating the same dissatisfaction.

How it Works

SearchSG utilises machine learning technology. This means it utilises algorithms and statistical models that can learn and adapt consistently to provide increasingly accurate search results when new data is incorporated as well as deduce inferences based on past data. The latter has given rise to features such as the autocompletion of search queries.

Key Benefits

Enhanced citizen search experiences: Through machine learning, SearchSG allows citizens to enjoy efficient and effective information retrieval from government websites. This also builds trust in the reliability of government websites.

Advanced search capabilities: These search capabilities can support information retrieval from common government content formats.

Increased productivity and cost savings: This is achieved through the automation of content crawling, tagging, and updating which allows accurate search results to be generated at a minimal cost and effort.

Customisable features and search UI: These allows search findings to be presented in a style that matches government branding and style guides.

Minimal onboarding effort: SearchSG can be integrated into government websites through the incorporate of just two lines of code


SearchSG is free till further notice. Moving forward, the service may be chargeable on a cost-recovery basis.

What’s Next

Potential features that may be integrated into SearchSG include:

  • Improved Natural Language Processing (NLP) and detection of search intent
  • Incorporation of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT for better search recommendations. For example, information from multiple data sources can be simultaneously retrieved to provide a more comprehensive search result
  • A service portal with an advanced search analytics dashboard, customisation options for search engine algorithms and UI, and automated health check tools
  • Content management best practices guide to help agencies work on web content optimisation

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Last updated 25 April 2024

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