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The Cloud Video Exchange (CVX), developed by GovTech, is part of the Video Analytics System (VAS) suite of product offerings. CVX helps government agencies unify and connect their video systems on a single cloud platform, to increase collaboration and productivity.

With the increasing availability of high-resolution cameras, government agencies are deriving more insights from video content/data using AI-powered algorithms – from simple detection and real-time alerts to complex intelligence about behaviours and events. However, over time, agencies may implement video systems and software from various sources that may hamper video access, video sharing and insights generation.

Working with VAS and industry partners, the CVX team seeks to democratise video content and sharing of insights within the Government. Sitting on the Government on Commercial Cloud (GCC) platform, CVX will be seamlessly integrated with VAS, which enables agencies to quickly run video analytics.

The product is also part of the Service Layer of the Singapore Technology Tech Stack (SGTS).

How It Works

CVX helps agencies break down existing video silos, both within the organisation in each agency and across agencies, with a cloud-based system that is light on physical infrastructure, versatile in connectivity options and fast for on-demand video access. Agencies can also connect their video systems, through CVX, to their existing websites, apps, or systems, with a common API.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-efficient to scale and operate as CVX sits on GCC 2.0, and agencies will primarily pay for what they consume (bandwidth and storage) on the Cloud
  • Faster connections, so less time and cost needed to connect to an existing VMS
  • Easy access to video streams in one location, without physical trips or using multiple portals

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Last updated 29 June 2023

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