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DOSS is a lightweight, flexible operations management platform that works with different sensor hardware and robot systems to enable next-generation digital operations. DOSS allows operators to navigate robots remotely and autonomously over land, air and sea.

By combining sensor data with artificial intelligence (AI), DOSS also performs real-time analytics such as identifying objects, measuring distance and counting the number of people a robot “sees”.

DOSS’s AI capabilities and hardware-neutral approach make it a powerful platform for augmenting human operations in a diverse range of operational environments.

DOSS is part of the Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP), a whole-of-government (WOG) technology platform that translates data from sensors and IoT devices into a 360° situational awareness of what is happening in smart city spaces in Singapore.

DOSS is a product within the Operations layer of the SNSP Framework (i.e. SNSP’s tech stack). Operations technologies such as DOSS allow users to interact with the physical world through a digital platform, including conveying instructions back to the physical world.

What is DOSS?

With DOSS, we have developed advanced capabilities in real-time sensor data analytics and deep learning techniques to power flexible sensors, robotics, and digital operations.

DOSS is a smart platform that uses different AI methods, including:

  • Deep learning: A sub-field of AI that uses algorithms inspired by the human brain called neural networks to discover complex patterns in rich data.
  • Computer vision: A sub-field of AI that uses deep learning models to allow computers to identify and classify objects within images and videos — and then react to what they “see.”

Why Should DOSS be Adopted?

  • Remote control of robots: Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) control allows operators to navigate robots remotely anywhere in Singapore over a 4G or 5G connection. Pilot robots from the comfort of an office or operating room and see live video streams from the robot’s point of view.
  • Autonomous navigation of robots: Autonomy allows robots to navigate an environment without human intervention to enhance operational capacity and efficiency. GovTech has been developing autonomous navigation in both indoor, controlled environments, and large, unstructured, outdoor ones like parks.
  • Real-time analytics: DOSS’s analytics features include:
    • Thermal sensing: This is used in SPOTON, a smart thermal scanner with face detection that screens up to 10 people at once.
    • Safe distance measurements: Detects the distance between two people. When the safe distance limit is breached, the robot can automatically broadcast a reminder to keep a safe distance.
    • People counting: Counts the number of people in a frame to help operators estimate crowd density.
    • Face mask detection: Detects whether a person is wearing a face mask.
    • Follow-me: Using a single camera, tracks a person from a real-time video stream – allowing robots to follow operators for delivery, logistics and critical operations.

How Do You Use DOSS?

There are multiple uses for DOSS. The examples below illustrate two benefits for adopting DOSS.

  • Robotics C2 platform: DOSS is used in the development of key software capabilities under a command and control (C2) platform for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). This lightweight and flexible platform works with any robotic system to operate AMRs over land, air, and sea – usually for monotonous, high-risk, or unsuitable tasks for humans to perform.
  • Smart Systems and Sensor Payloads: DOSS was also used to develop smart sensor systems (e.g. SPOTON smart thermal scanner) that can be used as standalone static sensors or as payloads mounted on robots.

Success Stories

Fig 1: Medical staff learning to navigate robots remotely using DOSS’s remote-control platform at Changi Exhibition Centre (CEC) community isolation   facility.
Fig 1: Medical staff learning to navigate robots remotely using DOSS’s remote-control platform at Changi Exhibition Centre (CEC) community isolation facility.
  • COVID operations with AMRs: SPOT is a four-legged robot built by Boston Dynamics and the first robot that DOSS software capabilities have been used on. In April 2020, medical staff piloted SPOT remotely to deliver medicine and other essential supplies to patients in the CEC community isolation facility. In May 2020, SPOT assisted safe distancing operations at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, using DOSS’s analytics to ensure parkgoers were practising safe distancing and wearing masks.

  • SPOTON (v1.0): SPOTON is a smart thermal scanner and the first smart sensor payload that was developed using the DOSS platform.

Operations Support

For operational or technical support for SNSP products such as DOSS, Government agencies can contact the Smart Nation Operation Centre (SNOC) at

For more information on the SNOC, visit this page.

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Last updated 11 August 2022

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