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The award-winning Open Digital Platform (ODP) is a key component in the digital infrastructure underpinning Singapore’s Smart Nation ambitions.

ODP is a joint development between GovTech and JTC, and will power JTC’s Punggol Digital District (PDD) when it opens progressively from 2024.

Fig 1: Master planned and developed by JTC, PDD will be Singapore’s first smart district. Photo credit: JTC.

Built on the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS), the ODP is designed to integrate various smart city solutions including:

  • Facilities, building and estate management systems
  • District cooling system
  • Pneumatic waste conveyancing system
  • Autonomous goods delivery systems
  • Access and security systems
  • Carpark systems
  • Traffic lights systems
  • Autonomous vehicles in PDD

The ODP is envisaged as the bedrock of day-to-day life in our Smart Nation, centralising various smart city solutions in a single district management system. It will facilitate the digitalisation and centralisation of district operations to:

  1. Empower estate managers to run and operate estates effectively and efficiently.
  2. Enable the district to meet sustainability targets for water and energy consumption, and manpower optimisation.
  3. Enable the seamless delivery of estate services and amenities through open and secure data sharing frameworks.

The ODP will be a key enabler in delivering seamless convenience for citizens, businesses and other government services. With real-time access to information – from sensors and IoT devices – on what is happening around the district, and with the help of predictive analytics, estate managers can quickly identify and react to potential problems on the ground.

Key Features

The ODP’s key features include:

  • Communication with different smart city technologies
  • Digital Twin of PDD
  • Interoperability with the Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP)
  • Integration of building systems and building services
  • Real-time monitoring of district and facility systems and operations
  • Data ingestion, transformation, and analytics

Use Cases

Leveraging the potential of the ODP, the centralisation of district operations is estimated to halve the demand for manpower for facilities operations and management, and to progressively reduce the consumption of energy and water resources in PDD by as much as 30% when compared to the national average.

There are plans to integrate more building systems into the ODP, including pneumatic waste conveyancing, district cooling and smart energy grid systems, extra-low voltage public address system (ELV-PA), and fire alarm and protection systems. Eventually, AI and machine learning solutions will be introduced to control building systems such as air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) and elevator systems, to optimise energy usage, increase cost savings and improve quality of life of occupants. There are also plans to implement a robotics traffic management system to facilitate the flow of autonomous robot traffic across ODP-enabled estates.

The ODP has been on trial at the JTC Summit building since January 2022, and will be expanding to the PDD in 2024. GovTech is also exploring further development of the platform to scale it up as our Smart Facilities Management (FM) solution within the Singapore Government, for agencies looking at such solutions.

Awards and Recognition

The ODP won the category of Outstanding Smart City Project for Urban Planning and Land Use at the IDC Smart City Asia/Pacific Awards (SCAPA) in 2021.

Getting Started

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Last updated 26 January 2023

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