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SAM+ is an all-encompassing Whole-of-Government (WOG) sensor management platform. It provides users full visibility of all sensors deployed across the Government, enabling them to search for sensors and data of interest. SAM+ aggregates voluminous data from numerous channels into simple visualisations for ease of analysis, and offers a workspace with in-built workflow engines for agencies to collaborate in sensor planning. These capabilities enable agencies to unlock the value of sensor data and deliver better public services to citizens.

Agencies are welcome to participate in the trials for SAM+’s staging environment to explore utilising SAM+ in their respective use cases. The product team is seeking feedback on the user interface, and the potential features that best cater to agencies’ planning needs.

Fig 1: A facsimile of the SAM+ platform.

As part of the Smart Nation Sensor Platform’s (SNSP) suite of products, SAM+ optimises WOG sensor planning and deployments. Users can easily register and manage their sensor assets while having full oversight of all sensors deployed by respective agencies and the data collected by the sensors. The sensors and data are then aggregated on a 2D/3D map, allowing agencies to easily search and filter sensor assets of interest, as well as visualise and analyse sensor data useful for sensor planning or decision making. By aggregating and fusing large datasets, SAM+ can also unlock more holistic insights for smart city planning.

Fig 2: Creating a sensor deployment plan in SAM+.

SAM+ also provides a dashboard of the lifecycle of all its sensors assets, allowing agencies to easily manage and track the sensor assets’ lifecycle. Agencies can also share sensor data and collaborate on sensor planning using the SAM+ workspace. Automated workflows in SAM+ will help agencies streamline approval requests between relevant parties. By providing public officers with an overview of all government sensor assets and metadata embedded in Singapore’s infrastructure, SAM+ breaks the data silos between agencies and unlocks seamless data interaction.

Following the trial period, SAM+ will be enhanced to develop its first operational version that can help agencies in their sensor planning and deployment.

Key Benefits

SAM+ offers a myriad of benefits:

  • A cost-efficient ecosystem: As a centralised WOG platform for sensor data discovery and interagency collaboration, SAM+ increases the synergy between agencies.

  • Increased productivity: Through streamlined data access, project approval and asset management workflows for ease of planning, SAM+ will replace the manual planning and deployment processes, driving increased productivity for the agencies.

  • Cost savings: With greater insights across the Government, agencies can avoid the duplication of sensor deployments efforts and investments in sensor infrastructure, thus reducing costs.

  • A cost-efficient ecosystem: SAM+ provides enhanced capabilities to agencies at low cost by building an ecosystem connecting to multiple channels. It connects to the Trusted Centres, Agencies’ sensor systems and the Sensor As A Service Bulk Tender to ingest sensor related data and data useful for planning. It also leverages the core expertise of other products in the capability centres such as DECADA, the Video Analytics System (VAS) and the Cloud Video Exchange (CVX) to provide a wider suite of services for its users.

Key Features

Currently, the SAM+ platform is under development with more than 90 features planned in the development pipeline. These features are grouped into 5 pillars of services:

  • Search and discovery
  • Data aggregation
  • Visualization and analytics
  • Planning
  • Workflows

Getting Started

Agencies that are keen to test SAM+’s staging environment and explore the use of SAM+ in their respective use cases, can contact the product team through this form.

Contact Us

Reach out to the product team with your queries or feedback through this form.

Last updated 09 May 2023

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