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SNOC is a one-stop service providing 24/7 operational support for Government agencies utilising Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP)’s services. Through the SNOC, all incidents can receive immediate attention and are promptly resolved. This prevents disruption of everyday sensor activities even if emergencies arise. SNOC is the first line response for SNSP issues. It ensures that best practices in troubleshooting are implemented to ensure that standard operations procedures are maintained.

SNOC is part of the Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP), a whole-of-government technology platform that transforms sensor data into a 360° situational awareness of smart city spaces in Singapore. SNOC is a service within the Operations layer of the SNSP Framework (SNSP’s tech stack).

Fig 1: SNOC’s workflow in response to reports
Fig 1: SNOC’s workflow in response to reports

What is SNOC?

The 24/7 SNOC Service Desk serves as a single point of contact for Government agencies and members of the public seeking operational support for SNSP products and services. It provides service assurance activities such as:

  • Incident and Service Request (SR) management.
  • Monitoring and 1st level troubleshooting.
  • Fault and performance escalation.
  • Incident progress and performance metrics tracking and reporting to the various stakeholders (e.g. product owners, government agencies and members of public).
  • Technical enquiry handling of SNSP products and services.

After the Service Desk receives an incident, it will manage the incident according to its respective priority and severity. The incident will be escalated to the respective Tiers for follow-up.

Tier 1 operational support performs monitoring of SNSP services and addresses basic technical issues. Complex issues that require higher levels of technical expertise will be escalated to Tier 2 operational support. Being the single point of contact for various touchpoints, it has an overview of the general health of the various services under its watch. Hence, the Service Desk and Tier 1 operational support also provide regular reporting of incident and performance metrics to the stakeholders.

Fig 2: Services offered under SNOC’s Tier 1 and helpdesk
Fig 2: Services offered under SNOC’s Tier 1 and helpdesk

Tier 2 and 3 support (such as Capability Centre, Field Support and Policy) take care of higher-level technical and policy issues. This support is responsible for end-to-end problem rectification involving operations, technical and field engineering issues, as well as to ensure that standards and policies are complied with.

Fig 3 Services offered under SNOC’s Tier 2 and 3
Fig 3 Services offered under SNOC’s Tier 2 and 3

SNOC currently offers technical support for:

  • Lamppost-as-a-Platform (LaaP)
  • SPOTON smart thermal scanner
  • The Wireless Alert Alarm System (Wireless AAS)
  • Integrated Video Sharing Grid (IVSG)
  • SenseOps
  • Above Ground Box (AGB)
  • SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW)

Why Should SNOC be adopted?

  • Single point of contact: A one-stop service for product owners to gain insights on ground sentiments, identify product adoption challenges and manage performance issues.
  • Round the clock operational support: SNOC support is available 24/7, 365 days a year. SNOC also sets – and has achieved – rigorous standards for system availability: greater than 99.5% for backend systems and greater than 97.5% for frontend systems.
  • Timely and efficient incident handling: SNOC responds to all incidents within 15 minutes. Thereafter the time taken for the resolution of backend, frontend and physical security matters depends on how critical the incident is.

How Do You Use SNOC?

SNOC has a 24/7 service desk that responds to incidents through its hotline as well as from email. Product owners or Government agencies who are interested to adopt SNOC can reach out to SNOC email via

Success Stories

TraceTogether Token Hotline Support SNOC supported the TraceTogether Token Hotline during the initial distribution of TraceTogether Tokens to digitally excluded communities. SNOC played a pivotal role in enabling the onboarding of this community onto the TraceTogether programme, as it was able to scale up within a short period to assist seniors who have no digital access to the TraceTogether programme.

Through SNOC, the TraceTogether programme operations team was able to understand ground sentiments more accurately, gather feedback and understand adoption challenges. With the statistics and data gathered, product enhancement and overall service level improvements were made.

SafeEntry Gateway Hotline Support The SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) is a check-in method for COVID19 contact tracing that allows individuals to check into places more quickly and seamlessly. SNOC comprehensively supported SEGW’s operations with its capabilities, service standards and operational excellence.

Based on SEGW statistics gathered through SNOC, the relevant SEGW teams were able to finetune programme operations in order to meet the changing requirements and policies.

What’s Next?

Smart features such as chatbot and an online interactive helpdesk will be available in the future.

On top of traditional operation center capabilities, SNOC will also be incorporating next generation of operations such as smart facility management. This allows operators to interact with the physical world through a digital platform.

Operations Support

For operational or technical support, contact the SNOC Service Desk at

Contact Us

Reach out to the product team with your queries or feedback through this form.

Last updated 11 August 2022

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