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LifeSG is a one-stop resource hub for over 70 government services. It consolidates and simplifies access to government services and fulfils the vision of allowing citizens to spend less time browsing multiple websites or apps so that our users can focus more on the things that matter. This transforms citizen interactions with the government and promises a citizen-centric experience that is focused on helping users easily navigate across government services, by personalising their experience, anticipating their needs and providing meaningful solutions.

What is LifeSG?

Moments of Life (MOL) was initially launched to serve parents with young children. In August 2020, MOL was rebranded as LifeSG with a brand-new vision to serve citizens beyond key live moments. Looking into its namesake, Life signifies the desire “to offer personalised services at key life moments for citizens” and SG signifies the desire “to help citizens navigate simplified government digital services in Singapore.”

The app consolidates services and information across Government agencies, and personalises recommendations according to user profiles and preferences. Users can currently explore more than 70 frequently-used services and get reminders for appointments and event bookings done through the app. One such service is the electronic birth registration service on LifeSG, It handles seven in 10 birth registration in Singapore. The service integrates birth registration, application for Government grant (Baby Bonus) and new National Library Board membership into a single process, reducing the typical time spent from an hour to 15 minutes.

To date, the app has been downloaded more than 290,000 times and facilitated a range of services such as the birth registration; an eligibility checker for more than 30 types of COVID-19 grants and assistance; as well as access to Merdeka or Pioneer Generation e-card and information on personalised benefits.

Fig 1: Overview of LifeSG’s dashboard which allows citizens to access digital government services.
Fig 1: Overview of LifeSG’s dashboard which allows citizens to access digital government services.

Why Should LifeSG be Adopted?

As of May 2019, there were some 170 affiliated government apps available. With LifeSG, an all-encompassing app, you now have a one-stop personalised access to more than 70 government services. On top of discovering government benefits through features like the Family Support Calculator, you can also use LifeSG to:

  • make housing payments with CPF;
  • register a newborn and apply for Baby Bonus; and
  • check your eligibility for government support grants.

The key benefits of LifeSG are as shown below.

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: It is no longer necessary to search multiple websites to get one thing done. LifeSG gives you convenient access to government services that are important to you – even when you are on the go.
  • Government Services that are Clear and Simple: LifeSG connects you to the right services and information. It is the easiest way to keep up with your to-do list: schemes, benefits, applications, events and more.
  • Set Up Your Account in Minutes: Your profile can be set up instantly with Myinfo . Customise it to your liking to receive personalised information on what is interesting and important to you. Myinfo enables ease of filling up government forms as users only have to provide their personal data to the government once before they can tap on their government-verified data to pre-fill online forms for subsequent government and private sector digital services.

How Do You Use LifeSG?

Users can connect with the government using following features in LifeSG.

  • Personalised Dashboard: The app home screen displays a personalised dashboard that contains recommended content and services based on the user’s profile, and a listing of events that the user may be interested in.
  • User-Friendly Guides: The app contains guides that integrate information across multiple government agencies, making it convenient for users to view all the information they need at various life stages or to complete certain tasks in a single location.
  • Personalised Benefits and Support Module: This shows at one glance the list of benefits that a user has received or may be entitled to, such as GST Vouchers and SingapoRediscover Vouchers (SRV). Eligible seniors can also view their Merdeka Generation e-card. More than 21,000 users have accessed this module in January 2021.
  • Personalised Eligibility Checkers and Calculators: By simply answering a few simple questions, users can view the list of government support schemes they are eligible for and estimate the amount of benefits and support they can receive. This provides much added convenience as users no longer have to navigate and process the eligibility criteria of each individual scheme.
  • Explore Services: Citizens can explore and easily access 70 Government services. Information is grouped according to topics of interest, such as family and parenting, work and employment, healthcare, housing and property, and not according to agencies. About 10,000 users access this feature each month.
  • Integrated Services: For selected, more complex transactions, LifeSG integrates multiple government touchpoints to provide a more seamless process. This includes the birth registration service, which enables new parents to also register for Baby Bonus, create a Child Development Account, and even sign up for a child library card, all at the same time. This has reduced the time spent on birth registration and Baby Bonus application from 60 minutes to just 15 minutes, and without having to show up at the registration counter in-person. Most newborns in Singapore are now registered through the app.
Fig 2: LifeSG groups government services in terms of topics of interests.
Fig 2: LifeSG groups government services in terms of topics of interests.

Success Stories

  • With LifeSG, Chien Koh Wei, a second-time dad, was able to swiftly register the birth of his second child and saved himself a trip to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building. The app enabled Koh Wei to complete the birth registration process as well as apply for the baby bonus while staying by his wife’s side. When the time comes for Koh Wei to plan for his children’s future, he can also easily search and narrow down childcare centres and preschools with LifeSG.
  • Apart from new parents, LifeSG has also helped Cheryl Choo, an enthusiastic volunteer who frequently assists senior citizens. Cheryl shares that LifeSG is one of the best ways for senior citizens to check on the government policies or schemes that apply to them. She also teaches the elderly to search for ongoing active ageing programmes and join community networks using the LifeSG app, enabling them to maintain an active social life. Aside from her voluntary work, Cheryl uses the app to check on her HDB grants and loan eligibility as she plans her finances for her new home with her fiancé.

What’s Next?

The team plans to include an improved dashboard to provide citizens with an overview of key personal information such as their CPF, housing, and education details. LifeSG aims to continuously add new features to serve citizens in other aspects of their life journey.

Getting Started

Users can download the LifeSG app from the App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android phone users to start enjoying its benefits.

For more details on LifeSG, including links to download the app, please visit

Contact Information

Questions, technical report or feedback – we’d love to hear from you. Let us know how we can improve your experience by clicking here.

Last updated 11 July 2021

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