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19 May 2022
STACK Meetup
10 Pasir Panjang Rd

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In this Tech for Public Good-themed STACK Meetup, the team behind GovWallet, GovTech’s latest digital tool, will share the technicalities of this improved way of distributing government payouts.

GovWallet removes the need for public agencies to develop multiple, similar disbursement systems and streamlines organisational processes for faster payouts. More importantly, it reduces the number of steps for users to receive government-issued monies and credits. GovWallet also enables users who do not own a bank account to withdraw cash at ATMs, and spend their credits on selected merchants via the LifeSG app.

The GovTech team will be taking you through the GovWallet development journey of improving the user experience for citizens, and lowering the entry barrier for more merchants to participate in this scheme. Hear behind-the-scenes stories on the challenges faced by the team when developing key features of GovWallet too!

Programme Rundown

7:00pm: Welcome

By Immanuella Lim, Software Engineer, GovTech

By Dalson Tan, Associate Software Engineer, GovTech and Yong Jia Jie, Associate Software Engineer, GovTech

8:15pm: Combined Q&A

8:30pm: End of Meetup


Immanuella is a Software Engineer for GovWallet and SupplyAlly in GovTech. She likes to build stuff, learn how to create better solutions and work on projects that support social causes. She is also a coffee and dessert lover.

Jia Jie is an Associate Software Engineer for GovWallet and SupplyAlly in GovTech. He is interested in learning new things and developing solutions that are extensible and efficient. He is a lover of keyboards and keyboard-related items.

As an Associate Software Engineer for GovWallet and SupplyAlly in GovTech, he aspires to develop creative, high quality and scalable solutions to solve real world problems. He enjoys working on projects that support social causes and likes to spend his free time outdoors.


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