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The task

The successful candidate will be required to develop original full-colour illustrations based on a short story to aid in conveying the main messages in the primary layer of a playbook to illustrate the journey of digital transformation.

He/she is required to work with the team to review the conceptualisation of the illustrations before delivery of final product, this is included but not limited to:

  • Conceptualization: Show diff character designs (e.g. main character, dark cloud, planet, rocket ship and other character designs)
  • Storyboarding & Review: outline/illustration of scenes
  • To confirm the storyboard with the team
  • Successful candidate to work out the colour scheme of a scene before proceeding with the design and style for other scenes

The project

Transformation Playbook

The team



8 to 10 illustrations based on the scenes depicted in the story inclusive of a cover page illustration.

  • Source files for the illustrations to be provided at the end of the project.
  • As a guideline for reference - we are looking at the following file format/resolution/size: PNG/300dpi/A4 size. The details will be firmed up with the successful candidate.
  • Inclusive of character design, storyboarding and review of colour scheme as part of the design review process.

Details: Sci-fi themed story. The story is centered around the importance of data transformation and the story will involve illustrations related to a protagonist that leads the building of a rocket ship in preparation for an expedition. The below scenes are meant to give the candidate an idea of the scenes and scope and subject to final agreement with the team.

Scenes to be drawn:

Scene 1: A main human protagonist in a grand hall looking through a telescope while watching a dark cloud consuming planets. Other alien creatures in the scene at work struggling to build a rocketship.

Scene 2: Main human protagonist holding up a glowing leather-bound in front of a council and explaining his plan to them. Cloud bubble above main human protagonist’s head: show the different groups of people coming to work together.

Scene 3: A few humans undergoing training – one learning how to build a ship, another analysing a big screen (dashboard) and looking at charts.

Scene 4: A few humans learning how to operate machinery while some are handed out tools that are used to repair the rocket ship.

Scene 5: Members of the clan happily huddled together sitting around a campfire. With rocket ship almost constructed in background (last piece left to be constructed for rocket).

Scene 6: Main human protagonist standing in front of the clan. 2 cloud bubbles above character’s head – cloud bubble on left depicting scene – of humans using a device to investigate cracks on ship, cloud bubble on right – meteoroids in space that the rocket ship may encounter. In the background – rocket ship fully built.

Scene 7: Rocket cruising in space, with a star in the far distance.

Cover scene: main human protagonist, riding on a rocket ship with a dark cloud that is consuming planets spotted in the background, overall background – space theme.

Sources: Storyline will be provided.

Recommended Illustration style: Cartoon, watercolour, children’s book style. While the above style is recommended, interested candidates may counter-propose when indicating their interest with a sample of the illustration style, subject to team’s approval. The illustration style will be firmed up with the successful candidate.

Skills required

  • In possession of internet-capable laptops/desktops and the device(s) should have softwares for creating digital content/artwork (e.g. graphics, illustrations)

  • Familiar with the softwares for designing artwork and requires no assistance in using them.

  • Versatile in various different illustration styles will be a bonus.


Offer amount Expected work duration Date posted Date offer closes
S$4500 5 weeks Tue, 19 Apr 2022 Tue, 26 Apr 2022

Additional information needed

  • To provide CV
  • To provide portfolio showcasing i) a range of illustration styles and ii) a range of completed illustrations
  • Portfolio should also demonstrate understanding of good aesthetic, creativity as well as an eye for colour, balance and layout.
  • (Bonus) Portfolio includes documentation of the entire process from start to end for a completed illustration
  • (Bonus) Portfolio includes completed illustrations with work relevant to this job (space theme illustrations with rocket ship, human characters)
  • (Bonus) Portfolio showcasing artwork with great attention to detail.
  • Candidate to confirm in writing that they have set-up / will set-up Vendors@Gov account for the purpose of submitting an invoice for payment upon job completion.
  • We will have the full rights to the final artwork at the end of the project. Successful candidate should not repurpose the artwork without prior approval from GovTech.
  • Successful candidate will be required to create an account via for the purpose of receiving payment and e-invoice submission for the completed job, if they do not already have an account.

Last updated 20 April 2022

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