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The task

As part of efforts to enable automatic updates to our dependencies, we need to first do a manual one-off update and verify that GoGovSG still works. This will be done in phases, starting with all dependencies relating to linting.

View the issue on GitHub

The project

go.gov.sg, the official Singapore government link shortener, built by the Open Government Products team in GovTech.

The team

Open Government Products


Dependencies relating to ESLint - including ESLint itself, configs and plugins - should be updated to the latest versions in a single PR, with checks to ensure that linting continues to work for the core engineering team.

The PR should also resolve GitHub issue #161 by adding the appropriate ESLint plugin. Ensure changes to code via linting, if any, are within reason and documented

Skills required

  • GitHub

  • JavaScript

  • NodeJS


Offer amount Expected work duration Date posted Date offer closes
S$180 2 days Fri, 26 Jun 2020 Mon, 06 Jul 2020

Evaluation methods

PR passes all checks and review on the GoGovSG GitHub repo

Last updated 08 April 2021

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