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GovTech’s CSG is the cybersecurity lead for the Singapore Government. CSG develops the cybersecurity strategy for the Government, secures the usage of government digital services for the public and protects the Government’s ICT systems and Smart systems (ICT & SS). CSG’s suite of cybersecurity capabilities range from blue-teaming capabilities that detect and respond against cyber threats, to red-teaming capabilities that uncover cyber vulnerabilities in Government’s ICT & SS. Beyond developing cyber-defence capabilities, this centre also develops cybersecurity policies and guidelines for agencies, works with agencies to implement secure architectures and provides cybersecurity technical guidance that help build a safer, more secure Smart Nation for our citizens and businesses.

Cybersecurity is one of the five capability centres established in 2019 to catalyse the Government’s engineering expertise and capabilities in emerging technologies. The other four are Application Design, Development & Deployment, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Government ICT Infrastructure, and Sensors and Internet of Things.

Last updated 05 September 2022

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