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Digital Identity

Singapore’s National Digital Identity initiative (NDI) provides our citizens and businesses with more convenient and secure online transactions with both the government and private sector organisations. Underpinned by Singpass – Singapore’s trusted digital identity – the NDI brings together the Singpass app, Myinfo and Myinfo business to provide greater transactional security and ease of use.

Today, citizens can conveniently and easily access government and private sector services through Singpass – from accessing Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings, to renewing insurance policies and digitally signing documents.

Singapore’s NDI has also expanded to include services such as Myinfo business and Corppass, acting as an international business gateway that allows global business transactions and the flow of cross border data and transactions in an open and trusted environment.

On top of providing citizens with seamless and secure online experiences, we envision an NDI that will empower our private and public sectors to develop value-added services based on a common and universal trusted framework.

Today, Singpass has a user base of more than 4.2 million users and provides convenient and secure access to over 1,700 services by more than 460 government and private sector organisations. Singpass facilitates about 300 million personal and corporate transactions every year and serves approximately 97% of Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 15 and above, making it one of the most pervasively adopted national digital identity systems in the world.

Fig 1: Singpass' National Adoption and Transaction Figures
Fig 1: Singpass' National Adoption and Transaction Figures


Last updated 05 September 2022

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