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Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to diversity and inclusion in all areas of our work with external and internal stakeholders. This includes empowering vulnerable communities through tech, designing inclusive interfaces and products, and creating an inclusive and diverse tech community within GovTech and beyond.

In 2019, the Digital4Good programme was established to empower underprivileged children/youths and seniors by increasing their digital literacy. This is achieved by inculcating skillsets such as programming, problem solving and critical thinking for children/youth and the use of digital tools for seniors.

In 2021, the Women in (Gov)Tech Employee Resource Group (ERG) was established to develop ground-up programmes and initiatives to support the attraction, development, and retention of female talent within and outside of GovTech. This is in alignment with GovTech’s commitment to the SG Women in Tech Corporate Pledge.

In 2022, GovTech’s Accessibility Enabling team was formed to understand and design inclusive government services based on the unique perspectives and usage patterns of persons with disabilities (PwDs) and seniors. The team complements agile development methods and promotes the use of automated accessibility testing in the product development process. This is achieved through the provision of consultancy services, training sessions, distribution of guides and playbooks, and outreach activities.

We believe that tech should be for everyone.


Last updated 05 September 2022

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