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AG serves as a Whole-Of-Government (WOG) data exploitation platform, which can only be accessed via GSIB machines to support agencies' analysis of data.

AG allows for cross-agency collaboration via the use of various analytical tools and code repositories that are made available on this central platform.

AG now supports up to Confidential (Cloud-Eligible), Sensitive High data for data exploitation work. For Sensitive High datasets, Agencies are either accessing approved datasets from Vault or they must establish connectivity of their data sources to AG)

AG is a WOG platform open to all public service officers with a valid email account and non-SE GSIB machine.

To get access, you would need to register for an account. The account creation request will take about five working days, and an email with your account details will be sent to you.

Your AG account will be provisioned based on the tools, data classification and other requirements as indicated on your account registration form.

Although you have been provisioned a user account, your agency needs to ensure that the relevant firewalls are open in order for you to access the AG website. Kindly check with your agency’s IT team to verify if this has been done already.

Otherwise, please contact the product team via this form to confirm which firewalls need to be opened.

The following tools are available on AG now: Amazon SageMaker Studio, Amazon SageMaker Canvas, JupyterHub, RStudio, VS Code, GitLab, Nexus Repository.

Aside from Amazon SageMaker, we will explore similar advanced analytics and MLOps services from other cloud service providers. Please stay tuned for future product updates.

Presently, there is no cost for using AG.

For AG users to access data from their agency's database systems, there is a requirement to set up connectivity between AG and the agency's system(s). The agency may contact the product team to arrange for an exploratory discussion,

Last updated 13 December 2023

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