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Media Hub (Media Management and Sharing Services)

  • Video Upload, Playback, Search, Request and Sharing (Future support via Cloud Video Exchange)
  • Video stream ingress from remote camera sources
  • Image dataset upload, management and sharing

VideoIO (VA Enablement Service)

  • Annotate images and videos, and develop object detection models through an intuitive UI
  • Train video analytics models using cloud resources
  • Manage multiple projects and multiple classes
  • Use less data and prototype faster with transfer learning and data augmentation
  • Compatible with multiple image formats

Insights Service (VA-as-a-service)

  • Generate insights for your videos based on ready-to-use VA services for detection and counting of relevant events and objects
  • VA Services that are currently available include:
    • Balefire: Smoking action detection and count
    • Mobius: Detection of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), pedestrians and cyclists
    • PlateSnap: Number plate recognition and detection of parking behavior by unique vehicles, with identification of vehicular types
    • Seafari: Detection and dwell time estimation of marine vessels and kayaks
    • LISA: Biometric photo compliance check
    • TorusVision: Detection of entities and groups of entities; estimation of distance between entities to provide notification of clustered groups where entities are closely spaced (e.g. for social distancing)
  • Allows customisation of regions of interest (for supported services)
  • Users can generate shareable reports, with automatic notifications when the analysis has been completed
  • API support for selected image analytics services
  • Export reports in CSV format for custom analysis

Video Indexer

  • Extracts rich metadata from videos, such as:
    • Topics and conceptual entities
    • Object and action identification and labelling
    • Face detection and identification with automatic thumbnail extraction
    • Different scenes with reference keyframe extraction
    • Visual text recognition
    • Observed people tracking
    • Transcription
  • Search across videos and within videos for specific topics or tags
  • Navigate easily to segments within the video containing the topic of interest

Metadata Service

  • Search and filter aggregated metadata according to available attributes, such as:
    • Vehicle Type (e.g. bicycle or Personal Mobility Device)
    • Event Type Attribute (e.g. instances of smoking)
    • Spatial Attributes (e.g. postal code)

Last updated 20 February 2023

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