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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for developers to access relevant data from MAS and make use of the datasets for streamlining of applications and systems. For instance, companies can make use of MAS’ exchange rate APIs to automate the extraction of exchange rates for tax filing with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore; software developers could use MAS’ interest rates data to illustrate interest rates trends.

MAS’ APIs are just one of the many datasets and APIs that the Singapore Government Developer Portal provides for developers to link their products with Government data and services.

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Why Should MAS APIs be Adopted?

Instead of developing APIs from scratch, MAS’ APIs allow developers to integrate an already developed API into their code for financial applications. MAS APIs also have data that is constantly updated to keep up-to-date with relevant guidelines.

How Do You Use MAS’ APIs?

Developers can search for the relevant APIs on MAS’ website and input the API into the appropriate code to begin adoption.

What’s Next

MAS will progressively release more datasets as APIs. If you are interested in a particular dataset which has not yet been made available, you may contact MAS.

Getting Started

If you wish to make use of MAS’ APIs to advance your business solutions, click here to start using the available datasets.

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Last updated 03 October 2023

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