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Content library for marketing needs and plug-and-play travel software services

The TIH content library contains over 3,200 places of interest and experiences in Singapore supported in various languages (English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean) across various categories, including but not limited to attractions, bars & clubs, food & beverages and malls & shops.

Over 14,000 quality images and 100 3D models for extended reality content are also available for free.

Over 100 information and content Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) for websites or apps to use

There are over 100 information and content APIs that can be used for websites and apps.

In addition, via APIs, businesses can also access plug-and-play travel software services such as the Visit Singapore Account, Recommendation EngineSmart Itinerary Planner and Enhanced Navigation Service.

Last updated 12 January 2023

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