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What is SHIP-HATS?

SHIP-HATS is the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)component within the SGTS. It is a multi-tenanted SaaS software that is suitable for all government products classified as Confidential Cloud-Eligible (CCE) and below. It helps to improve the productivity of Whole-of-Government (WOG) product teams by integrating DevSecOps best practices into the development process. This is achieved by providing teams with ready templates and a common secure development platform, which automates application delivery and simplifies policy clearance. This way, product teams can quickly set-up and scale CI processes, product testing, and delivery, resulting in high quality products, and improved developer productivity.

For the latest SHIP-HATS roadmap refer to this link, to stay updated on new SHIP-HATS features, enhances, and changes refer to this link

Key Benefits

1. Faster product Go-To-Market timelines By providing teams with predefined configurations and templates based on DevSecOps best practices, pipeline setups can be accelerated. The CI/CD platform and tooling procurement and management will also be handled by GovTech, allowing product teams to focus on product development. These, coupled with the automation of security best practices and code scanning, allow vulnerabilities to be detected early and resolved more quickly. Thus, products can have a shorter go-to-market timeline.

2. Enhances security and compliance of products SHIP-HATSs contains an in-built compliance to AIAs and ICT&SS management policies, thus products developed are automatically compliant with both policies. It also provides a dashboard for product teams to view software development activities, source code and audit tasks.

3. Breeds innovation through WOG collaboration Common software components across the government are reused within SHIP-HATS. This allows government users to learn from innersource projects and collaborate.

4. Promotes data-driven decision making
Users can access dashboards to visualise security data, DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics, DevOps Adoption, and Value Stream Analytics.


Government officers can access the pricing information here.

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Last updated 31 October 2023

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