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Login is a password-less login method that enables users to securely access public and private sector digital services using the Singpass app.

Login is part of Singapore’s National Digital Identity (NDI) initiative that provides a common and universal trust framework for the public and private sectors to leverage and build value-added services.

What is Login?

Login is a service that allows Singapore citizens and residents to quickly access various public and private sector digital services with Singpass while doing away with remembering one additional set of credentials.

Businesses and organisations can tap on Login for high assurance authentication to onboard existing Singpass users to their digital services, without implementing or maintaining separate password login methods.

Why Should Login be Adopted?

The main benefits of Login are:

  • Cost-savings: Businesses save time and money without the need to implement and operate additional infrastructure and systems
  • Convenience: Offer customers the Singpass password-less login experience as a fast, convenient, and secure means of authentication
  • Ready-access: Allow over four million Singpass users to access their online services

How Do You Use Login?

For end-users: Users simply scan the QR code provided by Government agencies or businesses using the Singpass app and authenticate themselves with their biometrics or 6-digit passcode. Alternatively, users may tap on the QR code to be redirected to the Singpass app to access digital services on a mobile device.

For the public and private sectors: The following steps are required to onboard and integrate Login into a digital service:

  • Product/business owners can refer to the guidelines here.
  • Developers can refer to the technical guidelines here and follow the steps listed in the tutorials.
  • Once the product owner has crafted the user journey, they can log in at this link to submit a linkup request for approval.
  • Once the linkup request is approved, the product owner can follow up with the subsequent steps to agree to the Terms and Agreement and complete the app configuration.

Success Stories

Login was first piloted for private sector use in mid-2019, with early adopters such as INCOME, AIA, Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) and NTUC Union looking to offer their customers a fast, seamless, and secure login experience.

Other successful businesses that have integrated Login include OCBC, HSBC, Prudential, SingTel, SGX, ViewQwest, JustLogin, and SMEs like Eduquest, WhiteCoat, Ray of Hope, Ministry of Helpers and PropYoda.

As of October 2021, there are more than 130 private sector digital services leveraging Login as an authentication gateway to enable their customers to access services conveniently with the Singpass app.

What’s Next?

Login is available for private sector businesses to use for their digital services.

Find out more about Login here.

Contact Information

For enquiries, email engagement_office@assurity.sg.


Last updated 25 April 2022

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