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Singpass, Singapore’s National Digital Identity (NDI), is a strategic national project implemented and managed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) under the Smart Nation Digital Government Group (SNDGG). SNDGG was formed in 2017 and is housed under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

As a foundational digital infrastructure that is critical to achieving Singapore’s vision of improving the lives of citizens, Singpass creates new opportunities for businesses, and transforms the capabilities of government agencies by providing a convenient and secure platform for users to conduct transactions.

As of February 2022, over 700 organisations offering more than 2,000 services have adopted Singpass. Singpass has over 4.5 million users, which consists of 97% of Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 15 and above. In addition, more than 350 million personal and corporate transactions are facilitated by Singpass every year.

Singpass’ suite of services for businesses and citizens include:

  • Myinfo: A “tell-us-once” service that allows pre-filling of forms and the expedition of electronic Know-Your-Customer (eKYC) verification processes
  • Login: A secure QR login pathway via the Singpass app that allows citizens to login to digital services without the need for passwords
  • Verify: A secure QR code based in-person identity verification and data sharing service
  • Sign: A secure electronic signature service that allows digital signing of documents
  • Identiface: A secure authentication service driven by facial recognition technology
  • Authorise: A service that allows remote authorisation of digital transactions (coming soon!)

Use Cases

  • Myinfo has enabled Singapore banks to allow customers to pre-fill their credit card/loan application forms with government-verified personal particulars and financial data, as well as offer real-time approvals should individuals meet the relevant criteria. This has greatly improved the customer experience and has led to productivity gains for banks as customers no longer have to visit a branch or upload supporting documents for credit card/loan applications.

  • Myinfo allowed citizens to instantly claim Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers via RedeemSG during the 2022 CDC Voucher Scheme through instant verification of personal particulars. This ensured that the claim process was smooth while helping the Government to avoid double-claiming of vouchers.

  • Myinfo has allowed for users of Evidation Lion, a health, education and activity app, to expedite profile set-ups through pre-filled forms and verify users’ eligibility more quickly and easily to participate in LumiHealth, a national health activity programme for Apple Watch users.

  • The Singpass app is a mobile app where residents can access services from over 700 government agencies and private sector organisations. It is integrated with seven APIs from the National Digital Identity platform. By integrating with Singpass APIs, government agencies and businesses have enabled residents to check their CPF balance, apply for HDB flats, perform internet banking, or manage their insurance policies with ease. The app also provides login shortcuts to popular and last-used digital services, and handy access to personal information registered with the Government. This allows residents to enjoy easier and faster transactions. Residents can also digitally sign documents such as applications for insurance policies through the Singpass app. Read more about the Singpass app here.



  • Public Sector Transformation Awards (One Public Sector Award) - Digital Identity for a Nation


  • IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA) for digital equity and accessibility
  • Inspire Tech Awards for the most innovative use of data for digital transformation (Southeast Asia)

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Last updated 28 November 2022

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