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Singpass, the National Digital Identity (NDI) initiative, is one of eight Strategic National Projects that drive Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision.

As a foundational digital infrastructure, Singpass is critical to improving the lives of citizens, creating opportunities for businesses, and transforming the capabilities of Government agencies using technology.

With Singpass, residents and businesses can look forward to more convenient and secure access across a wide range of services. Businesses can additionally enjoy reduced operating costs and greater efficiency by tapping NDI’s suite of services to enhance their digital services.

What is Singpass?

Singpass is every Singapore resident’s trusted digital identity for convenient and secure access to over 1,700 government and private sector services.

Residents can use Singpass to access more services across sectors – ranging from banking and insurance, to healthcare and charities – and conveniently retrieve their personal information, digitally sign documents, and remotely authorise transactions on their Singpass app.

Singpass app users enjoy seamless access to more services at their fingertips with these features:

  • Digital IC offers users an alternative method of identity verification. For example, they may present their Digital IC to counter staff or scan the barcode at kiosks located in public libraries and SingHealth polyclinics.
  • One-tap access to commonly-used government digital services. Last-used services are also displayed for easy access.
  • Profile section where users always have their important information such as CPF balance and HDB details on hand.
  • Digital signing of documents by scanning a QR code. This removes the need for users to be physically present to sign documents and agreements.
  • Proving identity and providing information in person by scanning a QR code. Currently, patients at SingHealth polyclinics and visitors to Republic Plaza can use their Singpass app for registration, in place of manual form filling.
  • Timely notifications from Government agencies in the Singpass app inbox. For instance, users who are due for NRIC re-registration and passport renewal will receive notifications in their app inbox.

Users without smartphones can authenticate easily by receiving One-Time Passwords via SMS or with a quick scan of their face using Face Verification on web browsers or at kiosks, enabling users without mobile devices to continue accessing services with ease.

Singpass features are powered by a trusted digital ecosystem where data and services can transcend the boundaries of organisations. This ecosystem is a digital infrastructure that serves a common and universal trust framework which the public and private sectors can leverage to build value-added services.

Singpass welcomes businesses and developers to join us in transforming Singapore through technology. Businesses may integrate with our suite of Singpass APIs to get access to the millions of Singpass users and enjoy reduced operating costs and greater efficiency while accelerating customer acquisitions and improving their user experience.

Why Should Singpass be Adopted?

Digitalising everyday transactions saves time for both residents and businesses as users no longer have to submit hardcopy documents and streamlined processes result in quicker approvals for applications.

Singpass provides users with convenient and secure access to more than 1,700 digital services from over 460 Government agencies and private sector organisations, online and in person. It facilitates more than 300 million personal and corporate transactions in a year.

Singpass users benefit from having:

  • Fewer passwords to remember: Users do not need to remember multiple login credentials and passwords for various government and private sector platforms with Singpass Login integrated into the digital service. Users simply authenticate themselves using their fingerprint, face or a 6-digit passcode to log in to services.
  • Seamless access to more digital services: Users can check their CPF balance, apply for HDB flats, perform internet banking, or manage their insurance policies with ease. Login shortcuts to popular and last-used digital services, and handy access to personal information registered with the Government, facilitate easier and faster transactions. Users can also digitally sign documents such as applications for insurance policies using their Singpass app.
  • Secure transactions: Stringent security measures are in place to safeguard personal data. For instance, when the Singpass app scans a QR code at the counter, the app will check the legitimacy of the QR code before requesting for user’s consent to share the required data with the business/government agency. The data will be encrypted and sent securely to the business/government agency.
  • Security control: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled via the Singpass app, SMS-OTP and Face Verification to provide an additional layer of security to better protect users’ personal data. The Singpass app is also built to withstand most type of security threats. If malicious apps or altered settings that may compromise the security of the device is detected, the Singpass app will not be usable until the threat has been neutralised. Remote deactivation of the app can be done quickly on the Singpass website or by installing the app on another device to automatically deactivate it on the lost device.

Businesses and agencies can tap on Singpass APIs to enable access or create new value-added services for Singapore residents. The open APIs can be easily integrated with services of organisations, big or small, to enhance customer experiences and improve business efficiency. For example, the use of Singpass for customer logins removes the need for organisations to maintain their own authentication platforms and users can avoid the hassle of managing many different sets of credentials.

Watch this video to hear more about how users and businesses have benefitted from using Singpass:

How Do You Use Singpass?

For end-users
Individuals can check their eligibility for a Singpass account here and refer to the step-by-step guide here to register and set up their account. Upon successful registration, a password PIN mailer will be sent to the registered address for account activation.

Singpass account holders can download the Singpass app from the App Store (for iOS devices), Google Play Store (for Android devices), or the HUAWEI AppGallery (for Huawei devices).

To log in to digital services easily and securely with Singpass, there are two options:

1) Use the Singpass app: Scan the QR code on the login page with the Singpass app or tap the QR code on-screen if logging in from a mobile device. Then, authenticate using fingerprint, face or a 6-digit passcode, without the need to enter passwords.
2) Use the Singpass portal: Enter your Singpass ID and password, followed by keying in a One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS, or a face scan enabled by Singpass Face Verification.

For public and private sectors
The following steps are required to onboard Singpass APIs:

1) Product/business owners can select an API and refer to their respective guidelines here.
2) Developers can refer to the relevant API’s resources and technical guidelines here and follow the steps listed in the tutorials.
3) Once the product owner has crafted the user journey, they can log in to this link to submit a linkup request for approval.
4) Once the linkup request is approved, the product owner can follow up with the subsequent steps to agree to the Terms and Agreement and complete the app configuration.

Success Stories

As of October 2021, Singpass has a user base of more than 4.2 million users, including more than 3.2 million Singpass app users transacting with over 460 Government agencies and private sector organisations across more than 1,700 services. About 80% of all Singpass transactions are conducted through the Singpass app, with the remaining 20% using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) methods like SMS One-Time Password (OTP) and Face Verification.

In a year, Singpass handles about 300 million personal and corporate transactions, making it one of the most pervasively-adopted national digital identity systems in the world.

Many businesses have shared their positive experiences with Singpass:

  • Mr Craig Ellis, CEO of MSIG Insurance (Singapore), shared that MSIG’s implementation of Myinfo has enhanced their customer’s experience with easier and more secure transactions.
  • Dr Davin Wang, Chief Data Officer of StreetSine Technology Group, shared that Myinfo’s standardised data collection and open access “are game-changing benefits”.

What’s Next?

To ensure Singpass services are easily accessible, key transactional pages on the Singpass website and app will be made available in Singapore’s four official languages.

The Singpass Digital IC is currently accepted by all government agencies as well as participating service providers such as SingHealth Polyclinics. We hope to onboard more private sector companies to do so, such as those in banking, insurance and telco and encourage the use of the Digital IC as a way of life in Smart Nation Singapore.

The team will also continue to enhance the user interface and usability of the Singpass app to make digital transactions fuss-free for everyone. Users may also expect more digital identity cards and corporate account switching capabilities added to the app, and more public and private sector services integrated with Singpass APIs.

Contact Information

For enquiries, contact the team at

Last updated 07 March 2022

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