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Data & AI Literacy ePrimer

Navigating the lingo and concepts on all things data, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem intimidating. However, it is an essential first step towards helping the everyone in an organisation to gain a comprehensive overview of these key aspects in the domain.

The Data & AI Literacy ePrimer provides this overview as a self-paced eLearning package. Covering topics from data quality to visual analytics, machine learning, project scoping, and more. In this age of Data & AI, a strong data culture and a workforce literate in data and AI becomes ever more important as part of an organisation’s data strategy. To many, navigating the lingo and knowledge on all things data, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning can be daunting.

The Data & AI Literacy ePrimer is an eLearning package originally designed for public officers to access and learn at their own pace and convenience via mobile or web. It imparts foundational data literacy knowledge such as importance of data quality, visual analytics, machine learning, project scoping and more. Filled with videos and real-life examples contextualised for the public service, this ePrimer is a useful reference for all public officers wanting to know more about data.

This ePrimer first launched in 2019 and has so far been well-received by the public service, with over 90,000 officers completed it so far. We’re excited to share this resource to the public for learning and development purposes. Organisations are welcome to download this ePrimer and customise or incorporate it into existing learning materials at no cost. Sign up to receive a free copy of this ePrimer via the online form below.

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Designed to be digestible and engaging, the ePrimer is split into five modules. The modules cover:

The diverse applications of Data Science and AI, understanding their respective strengths and weaknesses. Latest update also included Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs).

The fundamental role of data in the successful implementation and utilization of Data Science and AI.

The significance of proficient Visual Analytics, that not only improves the quality of collected data but also enhances the narratives we convey through our data stories and dashboards.

The intriguing mechanisms behind the algorithms and techniques that power Data Science and AI, and how they make all that work magically.

The art of refining problem statements to make them amenable to solutions via Data Science and AI techniques.

Responding to the rapid advancements in the field, the ePrimer has been updated in June 2023 to include Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT. The updated content brings together all you need to know about LLMs, how they work, practical application, prompts and prompt engineering, and limitations of LLMs.

Organisations can leverage this updated ePrimer with these latest trends that might revolutionise many industries to advance the work force’s understanding of Generative AI and LLM. Exploring and implementing such technology can potentially boost productivity and encourage innovations. In marketing, for example, Generative AI could be employed to generate personalised content or advertisements based on individual customer behaviour and preferences, making marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

Data & AI Literacy ePrimer uses simple terms and a casual tone to explain the concepts with examples in the Singapore context to make it a fun and joyable learning experience for everyone. Here are some peak views of the contents in this primer.

Data, and its relevancy to the problem you're trying to solve, is of utmost importance to analytics work.

Like a chef, you can't cook a dish without the right ingredients. And it won't turn tasty if the ingredients are bad.

The process of turning oil into tangible profits is straightforward, at least for oil companies. Oil is oil, and when processed in a standard way, produces all the sub components that can be monetised and utilised.

But the process of turning data into real impact is less clear, and often confusing.

This made up story uses many of the charts you may be familiar with.

How many can you find?

How many have you used before?

EP 1 - Data Is A Team Sport

This first episode explores how you can apply Data Science and AI across various fields and find new ways to increase your productivity or even revamp business models, strategies, and operations.

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In this episode, find out what is “Good data” and “Big Data”. Learn about the importance of data cleaning and how you can prepare data for analytics.

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Learn how to breathe life into your charts and visuals! This episode will uncover the history and importance of good visuals in data storytelling and how modern visual analytics principles can enhance your dashboards.

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Watch this episode to gain an appreciation for machine learning algorithms! Check out the algorithms that have elevated Data Science and AI to greater heights and demystifying models to understand how value can be better extracted from data.

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Learn how to start off any Data Science or AI project on the right foot! This episode will teach you how to scope projects, sharpen problem statements, formulate lines of inquiries, and source key considerations.

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Last updated 12 September 2023

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