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STACK 2022 Developer Conference - Call For Proposal

About Our STACK Developer Conference

The STACK Developer Conference is GovTech's flagship conference for developers, designers, architects, and technologists. It gathers the tech community together to discuss the latest digital technologies, and use cases, and to explore technical collaboration opportunities with the public sector.

Conference Format

  • Plenary Talk - In-depth discussions of a specific tech topic. [20min talk + 10min Q&A]
  • Lightning Talk - Quick sharing about your development journey/experience in a specific tech topic. [15min talk]
  • Workshop - Practical session with hands-on experience. [2hr workshop]

Call For Proposals

Submit Proposal

Please submit your content proposals to speak about any of the following themes in the upcoming conference.

  1. Beyond Cloud: Speakers for this theme will share about the future of the cloud. This extends beyond the migration of workloads to the cloud and covers how cloud-managed services, SaaS and PaaS can help accelerate and improve digital products and services.
  2. Building Digital Trust: Keen to share about cybersecurity best practices? Possible topics include cybersecurity trends on how the industry and public sector is defending itself through zero trust security frameworks, confidential computing and advances in tools.
  3. Fail-Safe App Development: DevSecOps, Observability, Serverless and Microservices are just some topics for speakers to share for this theme.
  4. Smart City - Vision to Reality: For this theme, speakers can share more on how sensors, data and technology can work together to build better living spaces, improve the quality of life, enhance public safety, and increase sustainability for citizens and businesses.
  5. Data-fication: Do you have experience with transforming an organisation into a data-driven, data-ready one? Speakers for this theme can share how organisations can deepen their data maturity through effective transformation strategies, and use better data infrastructure and tools to deliver impactful success with data.
  6. Nurturing Tech Culture & Careers: Through this theme, speakers can share more on the importance of good culture and practices for organisation and product success. This is also critical for attracting, nurturing and retaining high-performing technical teams.
  7. Government Track: This is a closed track for public officers to share best practices and the available support for internal processes.
  8. Tech for Tomorrow: Speakers can showcase emerging tech trends and how they can be utilised for both the public and private sectors here.

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