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The 2023 Working Groups (WGs) saw representatives share experiences and opportunities on topics covering Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Identity, Cybersecurity, and Cloud.

  • The AI WG created two Minimum Viable Products (MVP). One is centred on the job descriptions for AI Ethicists, the other covers the approaches to mitigate common risks in AI projects. The WG also produced a set of real-world use cases for the DGX community.
  • The Digital Identity WG reviewed approaches taken by members to combat common digital threats such as cybercrimes and scams. Existing gaps in current measures were also identified alongside innovative ways to increase digital identity protection through international cooperation.
  • The Cybersecurity WG focused on success factors and lessons gleaned from members’ Zero Trust journeys. In Aug 2023, the United Kingdom and United States also shared a “show-and-tell” of Secure by Design processes and projects.
  • The Cloud WG produced an overview of cloud adoption approaches in member countries. This includes the considerations, measures, and central services that were implemented to facilitate governments with rolling out services that can serve citizens and businesses more effectively.

DGX Working Groups 2023

Our WGs have also produced in-depth reports on 2023’s topics. Please click on the links below to download the reports.

Feel free to contact us at for more information.

Last updated 31 October 2023

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