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Have feedback? Please header banner (AG) is a WOG central secured data exploitation platform developed by GovTech’s Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Division (DSAID), which is accessible via GSIB machines to support analytics and Machine Learning (ML) use cases by public agencies, while ensuring that the platform is built with compliance to government architecture and security requirements.

The platform is first commissioned with its on-premise Government Data Centre* set up in December 2021. With the imperative to scale with the growing number of users, DSAID expanded the platform to the Government on Commercial Cloud (GCC) in July 2022. This new environment promises greater value to users in meeting their demand for higher computing performance and elasticity of resources.

*Please note that AG’s Government Data Centre set-up has ceased its operations as of 30 Nov 2023. AG is currently only available on GCC.

Since August 2023, the AG introduces end-to-end production Generative AI & Machine Learning Operations capabilities onto the platform so that agencies can efficiently develop and deploy AI/ML models at scale.

These tools/services on AG include:

  • Commonly-used analytics tools with readily available and up-to-date code libraries/packages
  • High-compute resources to support computationally-intensive analytics projects
  • Means for code sharing and collaboration amongst users both within and across agencies
  • Services to productionise models (development, testing and deployment) through automation of ML pipelines
  • Access to expanding selection of generative AI models like Stable Diffusion and LLMs from model repository such as HuggingFace
  • No-code machine learning tool to generate predictions without needing to write any code

How It Works works by providing a readily available web-based platform where public officers can easily access via their GSIB machines, to work on their data exploitation securely on this common platform.

Key Benefits

The platform aims to:

  • Eliminate barriers for users to access analytics tools on their GSIB machines with readily available, up-to-date libraries and packages
  • Enable users to work on their data projects in a secured virtual environment
  • Enable users to run analytical codes with sufficient computing power
  • Enable users to collaborate amongst themselves within and across agencies
  • Enable users to automate their ML workflows and scale machine learning projects end-to-end, from data ingestion to model and application endpoints in production
Fig 1: Notable ways in which empowers public service officers.

Pricing is now free for public officers until further notice. In future, the service may be chargeable on a cost-recovery basis.

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Last updated 14 December 2023

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