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Control of API publishing

  • Government agencies can decide which APIs to publish publicly, and which APIs to package together. They will also be able to set up price plans for their APIs.

Accommodate multiple gateways

  • Connect and explore existing API data planes using agents
  • Discover secured and unsecured APIs across multiple deployments
  • Automate discovery and monitoring of new APIs

Group APIs in ways that make sense

  • Align API products with defined business and IT team goals and objectives
  • Aggregate, curate, categorise, tag, and version APIs into logical groups
  • Publish APIs into Amplify Marketplace as manageable products, not just APIs

Track all APIs everywhere

  • Track adoption, usage, and performance metrics for all API products
  • Create the right API products that are increasingly faster and easier to consume
  • Use key insights to make better decisions about future API investments

Ensure security

  • Discover unmanaged APIs and automate identification of non-compliance services
  • Select and promote only approved, curated assets for inclusion in the Marketplace
  • Leverage prebuilt security policies or customise them

Last updated 12 January 2024

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