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Check out the technical documentation, how-to guides and videos to understand SHIP-HATS. We will be adding more content regularly. Check out What’s New for the latest updates.

Need a specific training? Submit your feedback and we will include it in our prioritisation.


  1. SHIP-HATS technical documentation
  2. DevSecOps Playbook
  3. DevOps Concepts
    Preparing your team for DevOps
  4. Tools in SHIP-HATS


Developers Project Managers, Business Analysts
SHIP-HATS Architectural Approach

User Roles & Permissions
Security Testing 101
Continuous Delivery
SHIP-HATS Overview for Newbies
Understanding Subscription

Request trial (for Public Officers)

Book a “SHIP-HATS Overview” session

Agencies can now request for a one-hour session for the CIO or Business or IT leaders to build the CI/CD strategy. The session will include an overview of Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) and SHIP-HATS roadmap.

Submit a request on our enquiry form to schedule. Once submitted, we will reach out in five business days to schedule a session depending on availability of the leaders from the agency and GovTech.

Last updated 03 March 2022

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