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Public agencies can enhance citizen engagement efforts with CrowdTaskSG - a Whole-of-Government (WOG) Citizen Engagement Tool that is designed for task creation, distribution, engagement and analysis.

Created by GovTech, CrowdTaskSG is a digital platform with a web portal that lets agencies engage communities of citizens to participate in crowdsourcing activities and tasks – such as surveys, polls, translation work and more.

CrowdTaskSG seeks to encourage more individuals to voluntarily step forward to actively support the process of creating a better place. It offers various opportunities for citizens to share their opinions and feedback with government agencies.

Working and co-creating with interested citizens help government agencies to improve their services and products, for example, by tapping on citizens’ expertise to solve problems and involving the public early in product or policy creation – while enriching the experience of citizens as they contribute by carrying out the tasks and activities.

The use of Myinfo for citizens allows for personalised tasks. For example, agencies can opt to select parents for surveys related to childcare or early childhood education.

Through gamification and incentivisation, CrowdTaskSG will keep citizens engaged through the whole journey to build high-quality responses.

Fig 1: What CrowdTaskSG offers to public agencies and citizens.


Fig 2: How CrowdTaskSG can help agencies to engage citizens.

Beyond the beta stage, the CrowdTaskSG team will be working on including more types of tasks, introducing more advanced gamification features, and integrating with GovWallet for incentivisation.

Key Features

  • Admin portal to create tasks
  • In-built gamification elements
  • Tools to create tasks easily
  • Data visualisation tools for quick analysis
  • Web portal for citizens

Use Cases

Fig 3: A Journey Map on how a public officer starts a citizen engagement project.

Government agencies in Singapore can create tasks based on their needs. For example, an agency can use CrowdTaskSG to conduct a survey to discover find out what the public thinks about climate change.

The citizens who respond to the survey through CrowdTask will gain experience points and virtual coins that can be redeemed for vouchers, for example.

A typical CrowdTaskSG will start with the initiation and approval process. After obtaining approval, officers will create the task, distribute the task, engage citizen participants and finally analyse the collected data.


CrowdTaskSG is free to use until further notice.

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Last updated 09 May 2023

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