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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Access Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) products developed by the Singapore Government, best practices and other resources here.

Mission Statement

To uplift our government's Data Science and AI capabilities for public good.

Our Work

For more information on the work we do, please check out our Medium blog:

DSAI Products

To support the digital transformation of government through Data Science & AI, we partner agencies on data projects, building quality AI products and data and analytics platform tailored for government agencies and a series of capability development initiatives to upskill public officers and uplift public agencies.

Check out some of the products and platforms here.

Playbooks and Additional Resources

Along the way, we have also developed resources and methodologies to address some of the common challenges faced by agencies in their transformation efforts.

Some of these best practices have been condensed into the different playbooks to address the needs of agencies based on their individual needs relevant to the data maturity of their organisation.

Analytics by Design

Analytics By Design (ABD in short) is a new methodology that GovTech is piloting to improve the analytics-readiness of projects. A project that is analytics-ready will allow Data Scientists, Analysts and even business teams to quickly get down to analysis and derive insights faster. Conversely, a project that is not analytics-ready will encounter issues on data extraction, or risk having dirty and incomplete data derail the analysis.

It can be applied broadly, be it building products & platforms, running programmes, or drafting policies. It helps you become more data-driven in your work, and makes the data work for you by uncovering actionable insights to improve your project’s prospects for success from the start.

Click here to find out more.

Data Transformation Playbook

The data transformation journey of an organisation can be challenging. It goes beyond having a few successful data projects; a whole suite of enablers must be put in place, ranging from organisation structure, training, infrastructure to building up a strong data culture. Our playbook shares tactics on how you can embark on your data transformation journey in 2 parts - the first part begins with a short story to illustrate the concepts in a fun and engaging manner before the second part where we dive into details supporting the various data transformation tactics.

Head over to the playbook:

If you are a public officer, sign in via your Techpass account and follow this track instead:

Public Sector AI Playbook

While many agencies in the Government have started to scope AI projects, significant value has yet to be delivered from the use of AI. Two key gaps identified in the strategy were (i) the lack of awareness of major AI use cases and (ii) the lack of ops-tech capabilities to initiate AI projects by public officers.

The National Artificial Intelligence Office (NAIO) and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division (DSAID) have developed a Playbook on AI. This playbook provides public officers, especially non-technical officers, a guide on how AI can be adopted in their area of work and shares a range of AI projects implemented throughout the public service. This playbook will enable you to:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of AI.
  2. Learn how to start an AI project
  3. Identify opportunities to adopt AI in your agency
  4. Leverage central support for AI adoption

Click here to find out more.

Data Literacy ePrimer

We are moving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and one of the most defining aspects of it is the way organisations are using data to completely revamp their business models, strategies and operations.

As with all industrial revolutions, they leave no sectors unturned. There is a great deal of hype around what AI can do, and uncertainty around where it can be applied effectively.

In this ePrimer series, we take a step back to explore what all these really means to someone operating in this new digital era by reducing the technical jargons into layman understanding.

In this series of 5 modules, you will learn about:

  1. What are some applications of Data Science and AI and what are some of the strengths and weaknesses applying them?
  2. Why is Data so critical to the whole endeavour to get Data Science and AI right?
  3. How does doing Visual Analytics well in turn improve the quality of the data we collect, and enhances the data stories we tell and dashboards we build?
  4. Why do the algorithms and techniques behind Data Science and AI work the way they do?
  5. How do you sharpen problem statements to be solvable through Data Science and AI techniques and applications?

Module Contents:

Coming soon!

Video Introductions to the Various Modules:

EP 1 - Data Is A Team Sport

This first episode explores how you can apply Data Science and AI across various fields and find new ways to increase your productivity or even revamp business models, strategies, and operations.

Watch the video

In this episode, find out what is “Good data” and “Big Data”. Learn about the importance of data cleaning and how you can prepare data for analytics.

Watch the video

Learn how to breathe life into your charts and visuals! This episode will uncover the history and importance of good visuals in data storytelling and how modern visual analytics principles can enhance your dashboards.

Watch the video

Watch this episode to gain an appreciation for machine learning algorithms! Check out the algorithms that have elevated Data Science and AI to greater heights and demystifying models to understand how value can be better extracted from data.

Watch the video

Learn how to start off any Data Science or AI project on the right foot! This episode will teach you how to scope projects, sharpen problem statements, formulate lines of inquiries, and source key considerations.

Watch the video

Last updated 05 May 2023

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