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Panel Discussion

Geomatics and Geospatial Technologies for Smart City

Mr Joe Lee, Chief Executive Officer, ESRI Singapore

Mr Ching Tuan Yee, Director, Design & Planning Lab, Urban Redevelopment Authority

Dr Victor Khoo, Director, Survey & Geomatics Division, Singapore Land Authority

Mr Lee Boon Seng (Moderator), Lead Specialised Systems Engineer, Smart City Technology Division (SCTD), GovTech

Re-defining people-vehicle interaction and infrastructure for future mobility in Singapore

Dr Alok Prakash, Scientific Director, M3S, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)

Dr Jung-Joo Lee, Deputy Head (Research) & Assistant Professor, Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore

Dr Graham Leedham (Moderator), Adjunct Professor, Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems, NTU & Griffith University

Last updated 04 April 2024

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