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[New!] MLOps and Generative AI Services

AG introduces MLOps capabilities with Amazon SageMaker Studio. Using ML and CI/CD pipelines, agencies can now train, deploy and monitor models automatically at scale with standardized workflows to boost productivity of data science teams while maintaining model performance and quality in production.

With Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart, AG also provides users with access to a selection of foundation models (which includes Generative AI models) and pre-built algorithms which cover common ML tasks, such as data classification (image, text, tabular) and sentiment analysis. Additionally, AG supports users in hosting quantized models.

Note that AG, as a central WOG platform, will explore similar MLOps services from other cloud service providers. Stay tuned for future updates.

[New!] No-code Machine Learning Tool

AG provides Amazon SageMaker Canvas which offers a no-code interface that allows anyone to create ML models in minutes without any previous experience using interactive visual interfaces and point and click tools.

Analytics Tools

AG provides analytics Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), including JupyterLab, RStudio and VS Code.

Collaboration and Repository

AG provides GitLab and Nexus Repository for teams and agencies to share and collaborate. Nexus Repository allows users to get the latest versions of open-source Python/R libraries into their JupyterHub & RStudio instances with

Connectivity with Vault

AG is integrated with Vault a central data discovery and distribution platform for WOG, allowing users to download approved data from Vault by simply running simple curl commands within JupyterHub and RStudio. With the new data classification and sensitivity support, users can now access Vault datasets containing up to Confidential (Cloud-Eligible), Sensitive High data from AG.

Connectivity with Cloak

AG is also integrated with Cloak, a central privacy toolkit that helps users apply data transformation techniques and Personally Identifying Information (PII) detection/anonymisation. Users can directly access Cloak’s APIs and download transformed data from Cloak directly from AG’s Analytics IDEs.

Last updated 13 December 2023

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