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WOGAA consists of four micro products integrated onto one platform. This provides an end-to-end toolbox for users to maintain government digital services holistically. Implementing WOGAA is simple! Users simply have to integrate two lines of JavaScript code and they are good to go.

Fig 1: WOGAA’s Four Key Features
Fig 1: WOGAA’s micro products

The four WOGAA micro products are outlined below:

WOGAA Uptime

This feature tracks daily uptime and downtime of digital services and notifies users via email and/or SMS instantaneously when their website becomes unavailable. This allows agencies and their vendors to rectify the issue promptly and ensure that their digital services remain available to the public.

Fig 2: WOGAA Uptime Dashboard (For illustration purposes only)
Fig 2: WOGAA Uptime dashboard (for illustration purposes only)

WOGAA Inspect

This feature generates technical scores in the areas of Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and Searchability/Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). To increase these scores, WOGAA Inspect also provides users with actionable technical recommendations that directly tackle the areas of improvement. This gives users immediate next steps to readily improve the usability of their digital services.

Fig 3: WOGAA Inspect Score Overview (For illustration purposes only)
Fig 3: WOGAA Inspect score overview (for illustration purposes only)

WOGAA Analytics

This feature provides an overview of how a user’s digital services are performing in a user-centric dashboard. This gives users the option of assessing digital service performances across WOG or viewing a specific agency’s performance for more granular data analysis. Key metrics such as the total number of visitors, average time spent by visitors, trending pages etc., are displayed to provide a deeper understanding of audience preferences and behaviours.

Fig 4: WOGAA Analytics Dashboard (For illustration purposes only)
Fig 4: WOGAA Analytics dashboard (for illustration purposes only)

WOGAA Sentiments

This feature allows users to collect visitor feedback and ratings on their websites and digital services through a customisable widget. This qualitative voice-of-the-customer feedback complements the quantitative data users have, providing a more holistic view of the health of their services. This feature is also powered with analytics which provides additional parameters such as platform, device, country, and other related audience metrics for more advanced sentiment analysis. For more information on Sentiments, you can visit this link.

Fig 5: WOGAA Sentiments Widget on GovTech's Website
Fig 5: WOGAA Sentiments widget on GovTech's website
Fig 6: WOGAA Sentiments Rating Scale on GovTech's Website
Fig 6: WOGAA Sentiments rating scale on GovTech's website
Fig 7: WOGAA Sentiments Questions on GovTech's Website
Fig 7: WOGAA Sentiments questions on GovTech's website

Last updated 13 December 2022

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