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Lingesvaran Palanisamy profile image

Lingesvaran Palanisamy

Lead Product Manager

Jeff Ong Hong An profile image

Jeff Ong Hong An

Delivery Manager

Chin Yong How profile image

Chin Yong How

Lead Software Engineer

Wong Wai Shan profile image

Wong Wai Shan

Quality Engineer

Anju Narayan profile image

Anju Narayan

Quality Engineer

Buddhi Weragoda profile image

Buddhi Weragoda

Cloud Specialist & Data Engineer

Chuk Yih Jou profile image

Chuk Yih Jou

Software Engineer

Lee Yi Sheng profile image

Lee Yi Sheng

Software Engineer

Talia Ong profile image

Talia Ong

UX Designer

Nathanael Ang profile image

Nathanael Ang

UX Designer

Nicholas Yeo profile image

Nicholas Yeo

Data Scientist

Seah Ming Shu profile image

Seah Ming Shu

Data Scientist

Yang Shulin profile image

Yang Shulin

Data Engineer

Seow Yun Rong profile image

Seow Yun Rong

Assistant Community Manager

  • Angie Ng, Operations Engineer
  • Catherine Masinloc, Software Engineer
  • Farid Ismail, Technical Ops Support
  • Kusala Subasinghe, Software Engineer
  • Leong Wei Cong, Software Engineer
  • Nancy Soo, Business Analyst
  • Serene Tan, Quality Engineer
  • Win Aung, Software Engineer

Last updated 16 April 2024

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