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Ensures data accuracy by reducing manual form entries

AISAY allows users to pre-fill digital forms with key information retrieved from uploaded documents. This reduces manual form filling, which tends to be error-prone, and ensures that government agencies and businesses receive a higher quality of data.

Verify fields across multiple different documents using our Document Matching API services.

Agency officers need to verify information across different documents for processing purposes. In the example of grant processing, AISAY will be able to tell you if a field ( e.g. Company Name) matches across bank statements, invoices and receipts to reduce the need for eye-balling.

Automates processing workflows with document-matching API Services and Confidence Scores

Confidence scores allow users to determine the level of human intervention required. This allows workflows with high confidence scores to be automated, which reduces the need for manual interventions.

Last updated 30 November 2023

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