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What is GovBuy?

GovBuy is a government-run gig platform that leverages the marketplace model to make it easy for freelance specialists to connect to government projects.

Available gigs

Freelance Content Writer


Skills required

  • Technical writing

Updating dependencies for GoGovSG


Skills required

  • GitHub
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS

3D Underwater Terrain Modelling


Skills required

  • 3D terrain modelling
  • Interpretation of hydrographic charts for creating 3D terrain models

About GovBuy

This is a pilot of the GovBuy platform and we welcome bids from anyone who is interested in co-creating products and services for citizens and businesses with government agencies.

How it works

govbuy flowchart


Further enquiries about GovBuy can be made at

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Last updated 08 April 2021