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FileSG is a central file management system that allows government agencies to distribute digital documents to residents. This means that different agencies can now use a single platform for file distribution and no longer need to build their own file distribution platforms. It also streamlines the management of government documents for residents as they can simply receive a notification via their Singpass app or email and proceed to access/download all government documents through a single platform.

For official documents that require verification of their authenticity, they can be issued in accordance to the OpenAttestation (OA) format via FileSG. More information on how OA works to ensure document integrity can be found here.

Moving forward, FileSG will be upgraded to support:

  • Issuance of documents manually, without backend integration
  • Issuance of documents to commercial entities via their Corppass accounts
  • Issuance of documents up to RESTRICTED, SENSITIVE HIGH classification
  • The submission of documents from residents to the government
  • Sending of notifications to document recipients via agency or third-party government applications

How it Works

A GIF showcasing how documents flow through the FileSG system is as shown below in Fig 1. Given that FileSG is in still in the beta phase, only certain government documents can be issued through it for now.

Fig 1: Workflow of how documents are distributed to individuals via FileSG
Fig 1: Workflow of how documents are distributed to individuals via FileSG

Key Features

  • FileSG is secure and able to support the issuance of documents that have a classification of up to RESTRICTED and SENSITIVE NORMAL. This can be attributed to its compliance with ICT&SS management, and it being hosted on the Government on Commercial Cloud which has storage encryption abilities and malware scans.
  • It supports various file transfer methods, this includes the use of APIs and Secure File Transfer Protocols (SFTPs). This also extends to different file formats, such as OA, ZIP and PDF file formats.
  • It is integrated with the Singpass app to allow government agencies to instantly notify residents once documents are issued.
  • It supports the issuance and retrieval of documents regardless of whether recipients have a Singpass. This provides government agencies with the flexibility to issue documents to foreigners as well.


FileSG is currently free for government agencies to use until the end of FY23. Only Singpass usage charges will be recovered from agencies.

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Last updated 12 November 2023

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