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What is Use Metrics? Why is it important to me?

To determine the success of your project, it is important to make use of quantifiable metrics measurement. Fortunately, the rise of analytics allows your development teams to easily collect data. This helps you to track whether your projects are fulfilling performance metrics.

How can I set goals for my team?

Developing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is useful for setting, tracking and re-evaluating goals for your team.

This ensures all your team members are heading in the same direction to achieve targeted goals and KPIs.

If a project falls short of achieving the goals, or is unsustainable in terms of money or time, it’s okay to consider retiring it. Don’t be too dejected when that happens; learn from the experience. And if possible, reuse previous technologies for improved proficiency in your new projects.

What should I be measuring?

Besides external metrics (i.e. those set by management), your team should also develop internal (i.e. self-defined) metrics.

More importantly, factors that are meaningful and relevant to users should be identified as metric KPIs.

Quantifiable metrics are useful for visualisable monitoring. It allows for the measurement of the team’s final delivery and productivity. Customer satisfaction, adoption rate and conversion rate are some examples of widely-used metrics.

Government development teams can make use of WOGAA, a web analytics tool to gather usage statistics and patterns for their digital services easily, at no cost.

Your team should also consider other non-quantifiable metrics to paint a more complete picture. Data sources should include the cost of hosting transactions or qualitative feedback like user satisfaction. With the data collected, you’ll gain a better understanding of your product.

Last updated 21 February 2022

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