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Improve efficiency and reduce costs by leveraging Managed Services, rather than creating services and tools from scratch.

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services refer to externally managed IT solutions that you can adopt. The Singapore Government has built a variety of digital services and tools that you can leverage on, including:

  • NDI: a digital identity system that enables Singapore residents and businesses to conveniently and securely transact with the public and private sectors
  • Isomer: an informational website generator for hosting and deploying static sites
  • SHIP-HATS: the Toolchain component within the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) with security and governance guardrails that enables you to plan, build, test and deploy code to production
  • SGDS: a design framework for Government websites

For a more comprehensive list of services and tools, we recommend that you visit our technologies page.

Why Should Managed Services be Adopted?

By leveraging on existing IT solutions, you can improve efficiency and reduce costs required to build tools and services from scratch.

For example, Government agencies can consider adopting the Government Commercial Cloud (GCC), which brings the modern innovations and capabilities of commercial cloud computing platforms to less sensitive Government systems.

By leveraging GCC, agencies stand to benefit from:

  • Improved IT delivery and operations:
    Enjoy a reduction in development time, day-to-day support, and maintenance.
  • Flexible infrastructure:
    Scale up or down your hosting resources on demand.
  • Increased Agility:
    Rapidly deploy application updates and react to increased service demand or security threats.
  • Better Security:
    Robust security features and internationally recognised certifications that would be a challenge for any single organisation to deliver on its own.

How Do You Use Managed Services?

Signup and use details for individual products can be found on our technologies page.

Success Stories

Success stories of individual products can be found on our technologies page.

What’s Next?

Updates of existing products and information on new products will be published on our technologies page.

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Last updated 21 February 2022

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