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What are managed services?

Managed Services are IT solutions for your team to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of your business.

What are some examples available for me?

Commercial Cloud Services and Government Managed Services are some managed IT services you can adopt.

What are the benefits of Commercial Cloud Services?

We encourage you to adopt solutions by commercial cloud providers. If you are a public servant, you can consider using Government Commercial Cloud.

Cloud adoption brings you many benefits. This includes:

  • Improved IT Delivery and Ops

    You can enjoy a reduction in development time, day-to-day support and maintenance  (e.g. using Infra as Code or CI/CD implementation).

  • Flexible infrastructure

    With cloud services, you can scale up or down your hosting resources on demand.

  • Increased Agility

    You can rapidly deploy application updates and react to increased service demand or security threats.

  • Better Security

    Cloud service providers offer you robust security features and internationally recognised certifications that would be a challenge for any single organisation to deliver on its own.

What are the benefits of Government Managed Services?

The Government builds and manages a variety of digital services and tools that your development teams can leverage on. You can now save your team time and effort from building tools from scratch. Some of these include:

  • NDI - for authenticating your citizens and companies, and providing consent-based access to citizen data

  • Isomer - for the hosting and deployment of your static sites

  • Ship - a CI/CD and team collaboration platform

  • Hats - a functional testing platform for your web and mobile applications

  • SGDS - a design system for your government websites

For a more comprehensive list of services, we recommend that you visit our technologies page.

Last updated 26 January 2021

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