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Product/Tech Track Talks

Tuesday (18/07/2023)

02:00 PM - 02:20PM

Recent developments in AI technology present significant new opportunities to transform the way we plan our city. AI has the potential to not just improve how we work, but also our capacity to deliver more holistic, integrated evidence based plans. Successful adoption of AI requires a clear strategy to co-create with stakeholders and overcome limitations associated with the technology. This talk will cover our perspectives and considerations for the use of AI technologies in various aspects of work at URA. Join us as we share insights from on-going projects to harness NLP for feedback analytics and case retrieval, as well as explorations into LLMs and Generative AI for public engagement. We will also discuss the outlook for AI in the Urban Planning and Design sector moving forward.


Speakr Avatar Image Dr Alvin Chua, Senior Data Scientist, Design & Planning Lab, URA

02:20 PM - 02:40 PM

In a world increasingly driven by AI, how does the public sector keep up, adapt, and even lead the change? We’ll delve into its origins of VICA, the challenges of chatbot engineering encountered along the way, and the innovative solutions used to overcome them. From the contextual customisation to each chatbot, to the experimental unified virtual assistant Alphabot, to the discovery of prompt engineering and the ground-breaking implications of OpenAI, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of Conversational AI to transform the public service. Looking ahead, we’ll discuss VICA 2 and its potential to revolutionise public services, creating a more efficient and accessible experience for millions of Singaporeans. Join us as we peek into the future of Conversational AI in public service and explore why it matters.


Speakr Avatar Image Mr Ho Ren Sen, Software Engineer (I), Virtual Intelligent Citizen Assistant, GovTech

02:40 PM - 03:00 PM

Join us as we share on how the GovTech Video Analytics (VA) team helps agencies on their digital transformation journey! Taking a collaborative approach in partnership with industry partners, research institutes and academia, the team drives towards multiplying the value of video analytics across the government. Discover how the team support agencies’ video analytics adoption from ideation to operationalization through design thinking, product platforms such as Video Analytics System (VAS) and transforming agencies’ day-to-day operations.


Speakr Avatar Image Mr Ethan Goh, Deputy Director, Video Analytics, GovTech
Speakr Avatar Image Mr Henry Lim, Lead Product Manager, Video Analytics, GovTech

03:00 PM - 03:20 PM

Get ready to experience the latest innovation in speech-to-text technology! Transcribe is proud to unveil the OpenAI Whisper model, a cutting-edge addition to our platform that boasts increased accuracy and perform well even under Singlish environment. As an AI professional or business leader, you can trust that our state-of-the-art model will help you address your Speech-to-Text needs with ease and efficiency. Reach out to us for collaboration ideas or opportunities!

[Fun Fact: This synopsis was generated using LaunchPad, one of GovTech's AI platform to serve public officers]


Speakr Avatar Image Ms Han Jing, Lead Product Manager, Artificial Intelligence Platforms, GovTech

03:20 PM - 03:40 PM

LLMs are unique models that require unique inputs. This session will cover how we can utilise good prompts to extend the power of LLMs beyond simple chat and queries, while also sharing best practices in structuring and maintaining prompts used in production grade applications.


Speakr Avatar Image Mr Pek Zhi Xuan, APAC AI Pillar Lead, Microsoft

03:40 PM - 04:00 PM

Join me for an insightful presentation on the driving forces behind the greater need for trustworthy AI and the need to evaluate all asepcts of AI governance due to the increasing risks of foundation models and generative AI. Hear about technical methods for assessment and mitigation of AI risks and gain valuable insights into fairness, robustness, privacy and security issues. This is a must-attend event for AI enthusiasts and practitioners in Singapore who are keen to stay on top of the latest developments in AI governance. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!


Speakr Avatar Image Mr Liu Feng-Yuan, Vice President of Business Development, Aicadium
* Please note that the programme may be subject to change without prior notice

Last updated 09 June 2023

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